Towerstream WiMax

Our company is an internet company so obviously fast, reliable internet access at the office is crucial.

 First we tried to get Verizon T1 service, but basically it didn’t work at all and we cancelled it. We tried to get cable broadband but our building didn’t support it. We ended up settling for Verizon DSL but it has been slow and unreliable.

So yesterday we signed up for Towerstream WiMax service (we called on Tuesday and they literally showed up the next day and has us online in hours). We are paying $999/month for 8MB downstream *and* upstream (in practice we seem to get more like 7MB up and down).

Check ouy the pictures – they just put a dish in our window and aim it at the Empire State Building where Towersteam has its own transmitters. So far it works great.  They claim that it works in all weather conditions… we’ll see.


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