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IAC building, now




Picturing the past 10 years


Bad news: Ominous problems loomed abroad as — among other difficulties — the Afghanistan war went sour, and Iran threatened to plunge the Middle East and beyond into nuclear war.

Good news: They finally got Roman Polanski.

Dave Barry on 2009


One of the tragedies of the sale of the Journal is that it never aroused the public outrage that the sale of the New York Times would have, right? I think people looked at it and said, “Big deal. A right-wing tycoon is buying a right-wing newspaper.” But the reality was that for those of us in the news operation it didn’t feel like a right-wing newspaper. It felt like a great, independent, muckraking, thoughtful news and analysis operation that played an indispensable role in American society. People who weren’t familiar with the paper didn’t realize it was an awful lot more than an editorial page.

The Day the Journal Died



Not bragging or anything, but I think I have the ultimate NYC heatmap.  A lot of time in Flatiron (office), some time in East Village and Meapacking.  And then the cool parts of Brooklyn.  Most importantly, I stay below 23rd street.

draft toward an email etiquette guide

1) always ask people if it’s ok before introducing them to each other (double opt in)

2) after being introduced to someone, don’t cc the introducer more than once.

3) never, ever use bcc.  for one thing it’s rude.  for another, you can get caught with reply all.  instead, forward after sending.

4) vacation auto responders are lame and for n00bs

5) keep emails short.  five sentences is a good rule of thumb max.

6) if you are sending an email in anger, put it in drafts folder and wait until tomorrow.

7) no, you can’t undo sending an email, even though Outlook appears to have that feature

8) always review each person you are sending the email to before you hit send

9) no smileys or other graphics in your email unless its an opt in newsletter

10) CAPS IN EMAIL are like yelling on the phone.

11) if you insist on having an assistant schedule meetings, at least respond once yourself before handing it off to the assistant.

Text Laundering

Text laundering: The act of transforming text in order to confuse duplicate text detectors, for example those used by search engines like Google.

Here’s a recent Boing Boing post I picked at random:

If you’ve already made your Christmas gifts to Creative Commons and have a couple of bucks left over? How about buying a gift for the public domain!!  Public.Resource.Org just ordered another 41 titles and spent $560 on some really great FedFlix from the vaults of the National Archive, there is still plenty of great material out there, so we put together an Amazon Wish List. If you see anything you’d like to buy the public domain we’ll take your DVD and upload the video to YouTube, the Internet Archive, and to our own rsync/ftp public domain stock footage library.

Here I laundered it by using Google Translate to go from English to Korean and back to English:

If you already have a Creative Commons EFF your Christmas gifts and made a left and a couple do? In the public domain about how to buy gifts for! The other 41 titles are Public.Resource.Org instructions, and some really nice FedFlix In the $ 560 spent in the basement of the National Archives, there are still plenty of great material out, so we work together to insert the Amazon wish list. If you and we’ll take your DVD video to YouTube to upload anything I want to purchase a public domain security, Internet Archive, and in our own rsync / ftp public domain is a library of tapes in stock.



Brooklyn – just now.




One of New York’s winter oddities is the experience of buying street fruit in the dark since sunset happens so early in the day.

one more reason to love NYC