draft toward an email etiquette guide

1) always ask people if it’s ok before introducing them to each other (double opt in)

2) after being introduced to someone, don’t cc the introducer more than once.

3) never, ever use bcc.  for one thing it’s rude.  for another, you can get caught with reply all.  instead, forward after sending.

4) vacation auto responders are lame and for n00bs

5) keep emails short.  five sentences is a good rule of thumb max.

6) if you are sending an email in anger, put it in drafts folder and wait until tomorrow.

7) no, you can’t undo sending an email, even though Outlook appears to have that feature

8) always review each person you are sending the email to before you hit send

9) no smileys or other graphics in your email unless its an opt in newsletter

10) CAPS IN EMAIL are like yelling on the phone.

11) if you insist on having an assistant schedule meetings, at least respond once yourself before handing it off to the assistant.


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