How ironic that smug Democrats in the Administration refused to allow the single payer, medicare-for-all option to even be considered as a possibility for America. They declared it off the table, pushing a “public option” plan that was quickly jettisoned by an Administration happy to cut deals with the drug and insurance lobbies. The result is a massive mess difficult to understand with shrinking public support. It was hung like an albatross around the neck of Martha Coakley, the loser in the Scott Brown race. If the Obama Administration had embraced the single payer option — some type of which is in place in every country that does have universal medical coverage — it could have ignited the Democratic grassroots and educated the public. Instead, the health care debacle has become a massive political train wreck, and Barack Obama’s Democratic Party is pinned in the wreckage.

John Stauber (via azspot) (via marco)

ha, no. the problem wasn’t that obama didn’t go more left on healthcare.  the problem is he should have pulled out of Iraq & Afghanistan, put heavy new (Volcker) regulations on Wall Street, and talked incessantly about jobs.  These Mother Jones democrats are totally out of touch.


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