Discussion of whether something is ironic or not

See www.notironic.com.  


13 thoughts on “Discussion of whether something is ironic or not

  1. chris dixon says:

    Reader asked: How about: an old writer get appointed head of the National Library of his country and at the same time he goes blind?verdict: not ironic

  2. chris dixon says:

    Reader asked: I got a resume from a web developer and the top bullet point was about their building cross browser compatible websites. Is it ironic that their home page doesn’t work in Safari?verdict: if he had full control of the website, that would indeed be ironic!

  3. chris dixon says:

    Reader submission: A blog entry here found it ironic that when an Airbus 320 made a water landing, it was admitted by US Airways two weeks later that there isn’t enough life raft space for passengers on their Boeing 767s. That’s not ironic. It’s not even fucking coincidental. This is at most an incidental thing. Here’s the link: http://www.jaunted.com/tag/Flight%201549 The misuse of ironic pisses me off to no end.

  4. Rich Shea says:

    ironic: using political theater to decry political theaterExample: a populist ploy claiming insurance company profits are out of control as the need for health reform (reform is needed, but cost of services, not insurance profits, are the reason). Followed almost immediately by stating a hope that Congress will “leave political theater” behind in coming together to talk about the issue.See: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2010/02/19/weekly-address-premiums-profits-and-need-health-reform

  5. chris dixon says:

    Sorry, not ironic. I would say if your interpretation is true it’s hypocritical, but not ironic.

  6. vbenedict says:

    So this girl on My Strange Obsession compulsively eats toilet paper (1200 lbs in her life), which could lead to fatal bowel obstruction. Toilet paper is intended to facilitate healthy and clean bowel movements, but would obstruct and potentially kill in this case. Ironic or just sad?

  7. hayeah says:

    Is it ironic that nonironic.com will serve to create a horde of self-professed irony experts who would carry on calling non-ironic things ironic, but now with perfect self-confidence?

  8. yetanotherjosh says:

    Ironic: people “joking” about how Dick Cheney eats babies, when in fact he really does eat babies.(Technically speaking, this statement itself is a joke and therefore sarcasm, not irony. However, if it is actually true that Cheney eats babies, that would truly be ironic, and the joking nature of this statement itself would also be ironic. Furthermore, the fact that I know the statement is in reality not ironic but sarcastic, but I still claimed it to be ironic, is a kind of meta-irony.)

  9. Ashley Raiteri says:

    Personally, I tend to agree with Mr. Dixon, and think that Irony is such a beautiful, rare and powerful thing, that it’s sad to see it misnomered with it’s more banal cousins : Coincidence, Incongruity, & Hypocrisy. There’s a great line on the Wikipedia entry for Irony…”Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, and others, see irony, such as that used by Socrates, as a disruptive force with the power to undo texts and readers alike.[“The power to *undo* readers

  10. Ashley Raiteri says:

    Is it ironic that Prohibition of a substance tends to increase it’s appeal for people?I mean, is 180 degree consequence of a carefully organized activity, isn’t that ipso fact ironic? Like distributing food to muslim neighborhoods in Iraq as part of Hearts & Minds campaign produces greater hatred for the occupation because: A, it reminds the people that they have little to eat, and the occupiers can just hand out food whenever they want, and B: The food contained lots of pork reminding the villagers that the Occupiers didn’t really understand or respect them. Therefore the Action: Handing out food, produced the Opposite: Hatred, of the intention: Love. ? yes/no?

  11. Chris Hiester says:

    Being run over by an ambulance. Bad luck. If you were running across the road to give first aid to an injured person and were run over by an ambulance, that would be ironic.

  12. chelsea389 says:

    is a key shaped bottle opener ironic?

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