The Steganography game

The Steganography game

3 or more players:
1 player is transmitter
1 player is receiver
remaining players are intercepters

goal is for transmitter + receiver is to send an arbitrary sentence
from transmitter to receiver *using only the public sites on the
internet* while not having the message intercepted by the

suggested places to place messages: blog comments, social networks, twitter etc.

transmitter / receiver cannot make references to non-public shared
knowledge they have (“go to the url that is the same name of the girl
i dated in college”)

it is ok to use shared knowledge if its inferable from information on
the internet (“go to the url that is the name of the person who first
formulated the law of gravity”)

intercepters, unlike transmitter/receivers, are allowed to privately communicate

game begins by transmitter posting a comment to this blog post


10 thoughts on “The Steganography game

  1. David Jacobs says:

    That gum you like is going to come back in style.

  2. Mark Essel says:

    Short circuit: you are the receiver and I comment on your real time comment stream enabled blog. We need a figure of merit- perhaps a number of hops/redirects with hints? Keep a leaderboard of the all time high linked path. Quality of score would be a function of the strength of the interceptor. Someone with an army of webcrawlers following the transmitter s posts would be a greater challenge than average Facebook users.

  3. hymanroth says:

    T:me R:Mark Essel – goto my twitter stream

  4. David Jacobs says:
  5. Anonymous says:

    Message for Chris: Go to Google and enter: “the objectively worst VC + the objectively best borough + the objectively worst thing to watch in terms of wasting time” and press I’m Feeling Lucky. Let me know when you find it so I can erase it before all these loser intercepters figure it out.

  6. chris dixon says:

    Got it Jonah 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    So how do you give the receiver an advantage without using inside information? It needs to be a puzzle or a hint that the receiver would be *better* at decoding while still being *possible* for anyone to decode it? Or something that I know the receiver already knows but that the intercepters would have to spend time looking up.

  8. chris dixon says:

    I think that’s right.  Still making it up as we go along so suggestions welcome!Sent from my iPhone

  9. sheena2010 says:

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  10. saali2010 says:

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