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New game: Scrabble — programmer edition

Just like regular scrabble, except the only words you can use are either names of programming languages:

reserved word from those programming languages. Or open source projects

or something equally geeky.

as a rule, if programmers at the table know the word but your mom doesn’t, it’s a legal word.



Optimal airline bathroom pricing

“In the latest move to squeeze every possible penny from travelers, a discount airline is close to charging flyers a fee to use the bathroom. Europe’s Ryanair is preparing to dun travelers $1.50 for each trip to the loo.” – Discount airline charging pee fee

$1.50 per visit is a non-optimal pricing scheme for airline bathroom use.  Here is an alternative proposal.  The bathrooms are only available for a single passenger for 5 minutes per hour.  During the 55 minutes between bathroom openings, passengers use computerized screens to bid for the single bathroom slot.   If you assume 100 people per flight, there will generally be at least one passenger who has an almost unlimited willingness to pay.  To further stoke demand, the airline should giving away free food and drink, especially Taco Bell.

Lyrics to “gin and juice” as transcribed by Dragon Naturally Speaking

Ha ha ha. I’m seriously get one of your latest got this asked m*therf*cking up hi baby I am baby I need to get some bubblegum in this m*therf*cker steady long to belong to get someone trauma in the LPC is card instant double D. O double G. but I somehow someway to coming up with funky actions like this every single day then I take a little something for the GFCI and make you ends as yeah I breezed through two in the morning and the party some something to my mom and home I got the to the living room getting it on me and leaving till six in the morning since the morning so you want to achieve get off the phone

Farmville – Twitter version

You start by following 1 cow.  Your cow Tweets “Moo” once per day.  If you don’t retweet the cow once per day, it gets hungry and starts filling up your Twitter stream with “Feed me”s.  If you get tired of retweeting him, you can buy virtual retweets using cash, offers, or Kwedit.

quick reviews of ipad apps


tweetdeck – very nice, as expected.

beejive – sucks its still iphone size. are there any other good,
mutli-protocol persistent IM apps on iPad?

GWars – cool graphics. find the control a bit awkward.

netflix – awesome

scrabble – awesome, and i wasn’t even a big scrabble fan.

pages – nice, but i’m still getting used to keyboard so haven’t used much.

ibook – selection seems so so thus far. where do i get periodicals?

Flightcontrol HD – awesome! two player VC and coop particularly good!

NYtimes Editors choice – beautiful! great way to read the Times!

Free Books – well, you do get free books, but they kind of look like crap.

RealRacing HD- really cool how you turn the ipad to turn the car.
probably worth it although i’m not a huge racing game guy.

Fieldrunners – awesome on the bigger screen.

Command & Conquer red alert – only played breifly but so far not impress.

Weatherbug – I’m not really “into” weather but looks pretty killer for
those who are.

The Elements – totally beautiful and interesting. great showpiece.

Labyrinth – so far too easy, but I suspect this will get really fun later.

Colorbook – pretty crappy drawing program for kids.

Game Table – lets you play chess & checkers. Really basic but free.

Harbor master – good flight control clone for those who can’t get enough.

Kindle – so far, just reminds me of how crappy the kindle is compared
to the ipad.

Kayak – nice, but not sure why i want this over the web version

Implode – Really fun physics games. If like me you are into physics
games, a must!

Built in apps:

Maps – particularly amazing! shows off screen and speed of ipad.

Mail – perfect, except I wish they supported gmail star feature!!

safari, calendar, itunes, app store – great, as you’d expect.

My #1 question:  is there a way to have NYTimes (and other periodicals) downloaded and synced over night so I can read them off line in the morning???!

Update:  I put most of this info into Hunch’s iPad Applications topic.