Farmville – Twitter version

You start by following 1 cow.  Your cow Tweets “Moo” once per day.  If you don’t retweet the cow once per day, it gets hungry and starts filling up your Twitter stream with “Feed me”s.  If you get tired of retweeting him, you can buy virtual retweets using cash, offers, or Kwedit.


12 thoughts on “Farmville – Twitter version

  1. chris dixon says:

    (i’m surprised @peretti hasn’t already made this game)

  2. Tyler Gillies says:

    I don’t know if thats the dumbest or most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard

  3. chris dixon says:

    its supposed to be the dumbest.

  4. David Jacobs says:

    Additional credit is saved by following additional cows, or by having your cow followed. Wait a second…

  5. chris dixon says:


  6. matt hunter says:

    It automatically DM’s your followers asking to retweet your cow for you.This will really help it go viral.

  7. Shwirtz says:

    Hilarious! But not too far off from what I’m sure someone will be launching in the coming months. Automated games based on RT’s, DM’s, follows, etc. all using the API. Imagine a trivia Twitter account where the creator’s system recognizes the first five people to answer correctly and distributes “points” to them (maybe even changes its Twitter background image dynamically to highlight the top scorers and show a leaderboard). All possible…

  8. gentschev says:

    Love it. Let’s call it TwamVille instead.

  9. Mark Essel says:

    Hahaha, great one. Now you’ll be pissed if Tyler codes it up and it pet rocks it’s way to stardom hehehe.

  10. vruz says:

    now we know who to blame if they make tweetville. up next: tweetcity and the tweets

  11. Azeem Azhar says:

    That terrible twitter spy game did something like that. It was genuinely horrible.

  12. Dave Kinkead says:

    @cdixon Your blogging can have unintended consequences Yes I was bored!

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