scientific way to price b2b software

tell customer:

“it costs $10,000”

if they don’t flinch->

“per month”

if they don’t flinch->

“per user”

if they don’t flinch->

“per application”

if they don’t flinch->

“that’s for the basic version. the premium version is $100,000”




11 thoughts on “scientific way to price b2b software

  1. Greg Gunn says:

    So true. if they flinch->”what was you budget for this?” if they tell you->”Ok, well we have option x for around that…”

  2. chrisyeh says:

    In the old days, you could also say, “Per CPU.” I don’t know what the equivalent would be these days…per GB? Per EC2 instance?

  3. Jed Christiansen says:

    I know this post is tongue-in-cheek, but I’d recommend “Don’t Just Roll the Dice.” It’s a free e-book written by Neil Davidson, who’s co-CEO of Red Gate Software in the UK and who started the Springboard program, which is similar to Y Combinator. Really smart and very respected guy in the community.Check it out here:

  4. Paula Marttila says:
  5. birdman says:

    .. and the next question is: what’s in the premium version? and who is using it. I don’t think this will work…

  6. Danny Hui says:

    Hey we liked your post so much we did a comic about it.

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