Monthly Archives: December 2010

Wired Store

I was killing time this weekend and happened on the Wired Store in downtown NYC.  It felt kind of like an ITP show more than a store, which I guess is a good thing. It was cool to see some things I’ve only read about in person.  Here are some photos.

Makerbot: holds a special place in my heart, so very cool to see on display.


Starship Enterprise pizza cutter.  Yes, hard to imagine something geekier than this.


This was a cool interactive display.  The birds sort of interact with your shadows.  Definitely cool although didn’t get to spend sufficient time understanding how it worked because of the people crowding around.


Love how this thing looks.  Kind of steampunk.  Apparently it had something to do with printing crowdsourced post cards.   Personally if I owned it I’d just like to watch the machinery spin around.


Inductive power recharger.  Seems like one of those things that is just such a good idea it has to happen. Toss your iPhone on the table and it is automatically recharged.  Major chicken and egg issue getting this to market which is why I guess why startups have struggled here (I remember looking at Splash Power as a potential investment 6 years ago).  This a technology someone like Apple needs to adopt to get it to market en masse.  Not sure why it hasn’t happened yet – maybe there are technical issues/side effects I don’t know about.


Swiss Army knife with USB charges.  I guess this is mostly emblematic – coupling such an iconic tool with a sign-of-the-times technology.  Personally I wish USB storage would be displaced by true cloud based wireless everywhere – feels kind of primitive in 2010.


A demo of Cisco’s “telepresence” == hi res iChat.  They were only showing us on the screen so not sure if it was a proper demo but it was high rez!


A bike with one wheel and no axels.


More bike porn.  There is something about geeks & bikes!


Dyson fan. Really does work and is pretty cool but feels a bit more Sharper Image / Skymall than Wired.


Wooden keyboard mouse.  Call me old fashioned but I like my electronics with glowing lights and metals and plastics.


Some kind of snow mobile like thing called a “shredder”.  This display could really benefit from a video showing it in action.


One wheel motorcycle.  Ok this is sexy.  If I drove motorcycles and/or had any athletic ability seems like it would be a lot of fun.


Ski goggles with camera.  You get it.


Some “fighting” robots that seemed a bit worn out – resting in the corner.


This is a flying thing controlled by your iphone/ipad.  Would have loved to see it in action.  Description below.


Cool retro movie posters.  Love.


Nerdy drink kit to go with your starship enterprise pizza cutter.  


Lego / star wars chess set.  I’m always ambivalent about artsy chess sets.  On the one hand I love seeing Chess get attention.  On the other hand as a Chess player I think strongly prefer classic piece shapes to make the board more “scannable.”


3D TV.  Really worked well.  Personally gives me a headache but seems like the rest of the world loves this stuff.  I’m going to be one of those annoying vinyl lover types who talks about how great 2d TV in 10 years.


MS Kinect.  Hadn’t seen it in action.  Seemed to work although a bit laggy.


Ok I admit I have a fantasy about owning this chalkboard ping pong table and getting my smarter math friends to write equations all over it.  True geek porn.


Plungers to put on the back of your iPhone so you can prop it up.  No comment.


I didn’t really understand what this was but maybe someone else will.


Retro phones for plugging into your iphone.  Getting a little tired of retro stuff.  Where’s our Minority Report GUI’s dammit! 🙂