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my personal blogging/tweeting rules

1. never insult another startup. starting a company is hard enough –
no need for people like me to pile on. (yes, i’ve broken this rule in
the past but have since changed my ways).
2. when something is subtle/ambiguous, blog it instead of tweeting it.
some of my tweets about twitter’s platform strategy have been taken
to be highly critical of twitter when in fact I love the
product/company and just want to see them execute a strong platform
3. things learned in confidence obviously can’t be publicly shared.
unfortunately in the startup world this means many things that would
be valuable to founders – valuations, deal dynamics, bad behavior by
certain people, etc. i wish the norms here would change but until
they do i don’t think there is much to do about it.
4. otherwise i try to keep it real. even if it means that sometimes a
formspring answer gets turned into a ludicrous news story etc.

this is it so far. i’m sure as I do more blogging / tweeting i’ll
come up with more.


Apple HQ

yes, I’m a fanboy – check that one off bucket list.


10 year Apple vs Microsoft market cap

Value of the each company over last 10 years.  (via ycharts).


correlating belief in UFOs visiting earth to US political party

from hunch data… believing in ufo's (specifically, answering "Yes" to "Do you believe in UFOs or alien visits to Earth?") tends to skew toward conservative parties.  It's kind of hilarious that the marijuana party is #2.  (Note taht number on right is correlation – notice that lower ones are negative correlations).  

American Independent Party

US Political Parties 0.48923801572588843
Marijuana Party US Political Parties 0.3771480076812909
Tea Party US Political Parties 0.36883014711828427
Constitution Party US Political Parties 0.3108887596655702
Reform Party of the United States of America US Political Parties 0.30671386961861147
Republican Party US Political Parties 0.255559913106053
Libertarian Party US Political Parties 0.1147700372709766
Green Party US Political Parties 0.06849309767997784
Centrist Party US Political Parties -0.04132834495331695
Democratic Party US Political Parties -0.06184987264847974
US Pirate Party US Political Parties -0.12908012859855525
Socialist Equality Party US Political Parties -0.14997895976522557
Modern Whig Party US Political Parties -0.35836583537012867
Rent Is Too Damn High Party US Political Parties -0.39524001644796286


I hate legal shows – I find them tedious and preachy – but Damages isn’t like any legal show you’ve ever seen.  It is deeply cynical (or realistic, depending on your worldview), morally ambiguous, psychologically complex, and disturbingly violent. 

According to Hunchpeople who like Damages are most likely to like these shows: