I hate legal shows – I find them tedious and preachy – but Damages isn’t like any legal show you’ve ever seen.  It is deeply cynical (or realistic, depending on your worldview), morally ambiguous, psychologically complex, and disturbingly violent. 

According to Hunchpeople who like Damages are most likely to like these shows:



3 thoughts on “Damages

  1. Jonathan Jaeger says:

    Never heard of it until now, but I guess if I like most of those other shows, I might like this one.

  2. Paradosso says:

    Hunch is right half of the time for me (I tried all 8 shows correlated). I bet the most correlated show is “Rubicon” –for the few who have tried both Damages and Rubicon.It’s all about trust: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWDm-ZviGrM

  3. Peter Beddows says:

    Transfixed by Damages, Sopranos, wild about Six Feet Under, loved Mad Men and The Wire; no time to watch the others on this list but again shows how Hunch is uncannily good at correlating data.

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