10 year Apple vs Microsoft market cap

Value of the each company over last 10 years.  (via ycharts).



6 thoughts on “10 year Apple vs Microsoft market cap

  1. rickbarraza says:

    Interesting, but weak sauce to use similar heights in graphs to represent a different range. Compared in an overlap fashion, MSFT’s lows would still be higher than any Apple’s highs until somewhere mid 2009. Honesty in Information Design would make the argument more powerfully, since where they are ending off (today) is still an amazing story. But if you lie to your audience with the visuals, it makes suspect everything else you have to say.

  2. cvladan says:

    I just wanted to write the same as Rick. So, in future, be objective…

  3. chris dixon says:

    i just used the only site i could find that showed mkt cap graphs. not meant to be deceptive. i do show the y axis and i think the larger point stands that its just been an amazing decade for apple (which you already knew but sometimes interesting to see in visuals).

  4. Michael Payne says:

    What about http://www3.wolframalpha.com/Calculate/MSP/MSP35719e29h2360hc3611000037i8d4g9…/gif&s=6&w=496&h=401 from Wolfram Alpha search for AAPL MSFT market capitalization at http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=msft+aapl+market+capitalization

  5. Pierre Drescher says:

    Here is a chart with the Apple and Microsoft Market cap comparison.http://ycharts.com/search?q=AAPL,%20MSFT&c=market_capNo difference in y axis scales. Chris if you want to compare companies you can enter more than one symbol in the search box on YCharts.

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