my personal blogging/tweeting rules

1. never insult another startup. starting a company is hard enough –
no need for people like me to pile on. (yes, i’ve broken this rule in
the past but have since changed my ways).
2. when something is subtle/ambiguous, blog it instead of tweeting it.
some of my tweets about twitter’s platform strategy have been taken
to be highly critical of twitter when in fact I love the
product/company and just want to see them execute a strong platform
3. things learned in confidence obviously can’t be publicly shared.
unfortunately in the startup world this means many things that would
be valuable to founders – valuations, deal dynamics, bad behavior by
certain people, etc. i wish the norms here would change but until
they do i don’t think there is much to do about it.
4. otherwise i try to keep it real. even if it means that sometimes a
formspring answer gets turned into a ludicrous news story etc.

this is it so far. i’m sure as I do more blogging / tweeting i’ll
come up with more.


3 thoughts on “my personal blogging/tweeting rules

  1. skohler says:

    A bit of an older post, but here are my 3 rules to make twitter fun.

  2. C. Scyphers says:

    Is there a way you can anonymize “things learned in confidence” in order to share the valuable information with other founders?

  3. Villa Toscana says:

    Remember the past to live a better life, we are likeBy Tuscany

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