Pastrami principle

Katz’s deli has the best hot dogs and the best pastrami in NYC. But the pastrami is so incredible that it is much better than the hot dogs, so every time I go there I end up getting pastrami. Hence I never eat the best hot dogs in NYC. Kind of a shame. 


3 thoughts on “Pastrami principle

  1. chris dixon says:

    This applies to startups. There are always lots of things you can do to improve your company but ultimately there will be an optimal use of each incremental dollar and person-hour. Hence you’ll end up *not* doing lots of things – even great things, things that other companies would love to do.

  2. spievak says:

    True. But — much like scoring that perfect pastrami sandwich — I believe success at the startup level means identifying that one thing that is not being done well enough to serve the potential market and then becoming the absolute best at that one thing. If you’re successful at it, then perhaps that next most important “one thing” will become more obvious from your customer interactions and you can go there. You should still get the pastrami, though.

  3. Sachin Agarwal says:

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