android vs iphone marketshare

had an interesting talk with the ceo of an iphone/android app today that has had 30+ million downloads.

– iphone users download apps 5:1 over android users and willingness to buy even higher.

– he thinks market share figures from comscore etc are wildly distorted because they track via things like ads and those are all higher on android since people don't pay for apps there and instead apps are ad supported.

6 thoughts on “android vs iphone marketshare

  1. Joey A says:

    I don’t personally have any different data, but it seems like this could vary significantly by app. Downloads depend so much on app store placement that the 5:1 ratio might be more specific to their app than a general pattern.

  2. johngreathouse says:

    I hate admit it, but anecdotally, I am the typical Android user. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

  3. Mike Rowan says:

    Interesting. I’m a consistent user of both iOS and Android, and while I love Android, I download & buy more app for iOS probably 10:1. So his thoughts seem right and maybe conservative.

  4. Mohammad Abdurraafay says:
  5. cassidylackey says:

    I believe the market share numbers are right. I also believe there is a higher propensity for iOS users to download apps (free and paid). This is due to a number of factors including the store experience, device price points, smartphone user expectations, etc.. It might take an android market of 5x or 10x of iOS to create a similar sized software market.

  6. zuzana10 says:

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