U.S. national debt under recent presidents


from http://www.gmo.com/websitecontent/JGLetter_Pt2_DangerChildrenatPlay_2Q11.pdf


7 thoughts on “U.S. national debt under recent presidents

  1. Edward Agyeman says:

    it seems blue is the preferred color

  2. Greg Stellato says:
  3. LoganDWard says:

    This graph is misleading on so many levels. One of the most obvious: try changing the graph to reflect which party controlled Congress. Congress controls the purse strings, after all…

  4. expresspahrmarx says:

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  5. Arikia Millikan says:

    They say you’ll never use calculus for anything after college, but without it one might not be able to properly interpret this graph. To the untrained eye one might look at this graph and say, “look at how much the debt has gone up from Bush’s presidency to Obama’s.” But looking at the inflection points, we see the drastic changes in increase beginning in Bush’s presidency flowing into Obama’s, and a decreasing increase during Obama’s. Thanks for making me think about calculus 🙂

  6. sunitha12 says:

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