“silicon alley”

People who have done tech in NYC for a long time think of the phrase “Silicon Alley” as referring to NYC during the dot-com bubble, from roughly 1995-2000. If you hear someone use the phrase to refer to today’s NYC tech scene, you can be pretty sure they know very little about the topic.


4 thoughts on ““silicon alley”

  1. Villa Toscana says:

    It now becomes fashionable to talk without knowing the real meaning of things

  2. aripap says:

    You’re being a curmudgeon. There’s nothing wrong with calling today’s ny tech scene Silicon Alley, if for no other reason than to call it something.

  3. Richard Metzler says:

    Or they are refferring to some people in Berlin’s startup scene http://siliconallee.com/ šŸ˜‰

  4. Darren Herman says:

    I still use it, but realize that it goes beyond the east side garment district. I host the Silicon Alley Golf Invitational and refer to much of what we do to Silicon Alley… in good fun and camaraderie.

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