computer science majors by year




7 thoughts on “computer science majors by year

  1. Chief Learning Emergencies says:
  2. rkischuk says:

    Big problem. Worsened by some schools like my alma mater, Georgia Tech, broadening their computer science curriculum to appeal to more people. It means that more people major in CS, but also that more people graduate incapable of really coding.The future of almost every industry is programmable, but we need the people to do it.I tell people every week that there is already more opportunities out there than there are people available to pursue them. This will only accelerate.

  3. Mike Rowan says:

    This is sad, and while I suspect there are good amounts bypassing traditional education, seeing these numbers decline is not optimal.

  4. braditdigg says:

    Chris you’re prob. my first idol in the tech world, you’re extremely good in understanding people, no wonder you built a successful startup (Hunch) whose primary ‘job to be done’ is that…understanding people. I wish there was a way to get in touch with you to share some thoughts. Best regards, Darko from Republic of Macedonia

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