Monthly Archives: January 2012

programming tools tested lately

python (love – still getting used to indentation and other syntax but
love the library support)
twitter search api – works great. wish they’d specify what the rate
limit is and let you put query strings in quotes for exact match.
historical searches would be great but guessing they don’t have the
technical ability / business desire to do so.
mongodb (love – first time i’ve done nosql and it’s liberating)
pymongo – made mongo+python super simple
osx brew installer (great, worked where downloading dmg’s didn’t)
matplotlib (looks great but overkill for my graphing needs)
mailgun (free version) – really nice smtp webservice/wrapper
textmate – great mac osx code editor, well worth the price
stackoverflow – again and again found the best code samples there
(disc: i’m an investor)
various cronjob UI’s for mac – didn’t work. ended up just having
scripts sleep for a while and not bothering with cron jobs.
mongohub – found this and other mongo front ends lacking but perhaps I
need to try more.